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PTS is a language training & translation services company specialising in language training (such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese as well as other world official languges), translation services, Chinese naming and professional voice recording.

PTS is an Australian based company, operating since 1990. Strategically headquartered in Hong Kong, a world-class city since 1997, we are your eyes and ears in Asia. PTS prides itself on its service-oriented philosophy. Whether you want to be more professional with big success, make contact with manufacturers in China directly, explain your business and sell yourself (and your products) to them, or just some help to better manage your communication skills, we are here for you.

Speaking good Chinese can help you understand Chinese culture, as well as the kind of language Chinese business people relate to.

We teach both the structure and function of Chinese. What stands out is the emphasis we place on communications skills, rather than traditional "listen & repeat" drills and grammatical analysis. We teach our students how to become Chinese learners throughout the whole course. We also have other supportive tools to help our students to learn more effectively and efficiently, for example on-line listening material.

Our teaching covers not just the essential elements of vocabulary as bricks and sentence pattern as structures, but other important areas which are closely linked to real situations, such as presentation, speech techniques, promotion and marketing.

You can rest assured that our instructors will help you in a very cost-effective manner.

We have taught many professionals of different nationalities. They are directors, managers, lawyers, economic researchers, and even doctors. They all need to learn Mandarin to develop their careers, or to further develop their China business for their companies.

Our teachers have both strong academic and commercial backgrounds as well as pleasant personalities which will definitely help you in various aspects.